Jak działa żłobek montessori warszawa? Żłobek prywatny mokotów - Stefcio Lewcio

How does a Montessori daycare work?

At Stefcio Lewcio Daycares, we use elements of the Montessori method, which has enjoyed strong interest among parents for years. As a result, we receive a lot of inquiries about how our Montessori-inspired daycares work. Below you will find the most important assumptions that guide us in our daily work with children.

What is Montessori-inspired education?

Maria Montessori, the creator of this unique method, was an Italian doctor and educator. She was the first to oppose the traditional method of teaching and noticed that the process of socialization of children is much better when education is tailored to the individual needs of each child. Montessori education therefore opposes the classical school system, which suppresses the activity and creativity of the child – and instead supports the creativity and spontaneity of the little person. Montessori pedagogy aims at the comprehensive development of a toddler – both in physical, cultural, social and spiritual terms.

What does a Montessori classroom look like?

The environment plays an important role in the Montessori method, which is why Stefcio Lewcio’s classrooms are fully equipped to support the individual development of each child. Montessori equipment and educational aids encourage children to be active, and also help to practice motoric skills and develop creativity. The Montessori program focuses on nurturing independence, and this is why we give children time to understand how a given toy works, without providing ready-made answers. We also make sure that furniture, equipment and toys are at the child’s level – so that they can reach for all objects on their own. We provide sensory, educational and art materials that are recommended by the Polish Montessori Educational Center.

Why is it worth enrolling a child in a Montessori-inspired daycare?

Stefcio Lewcio is a daycare with Montessori elements for children aged 5 months to 3 years. By enrolling your child in such a daycare, you can be sure that the facility will take care of the child’s individual needs.

The Montessori Daycare assures:

  • comprehensive development at Your Child’s own pace,
  • nurturing natural curiosity among children,
  • learning to cooperate and mutual respect,
  • experiential learning,
  • supporting the child’s independence.

Do you have additional questions? Contact us – we will be happy to talk to you about the Montessori method!