English daycare warsaw - musical babies method

English daycare warsaw – musical babies method

English in the daycare – how do we teach it?

Many people associate learning English with having conversations, writing essays and solving grammar problems. Of course, these types of methods are not used in working with young children, who require a completely different approach. So what is learning English in a daycare all about?

Learning English using the Musical Babies method

The English language is very melodic, which is why the music-sensory-movement method works perfectly with children. Our private daycares work with the Musical Babies method, which is designed for children from 6 months of age. This method assumes that the language learned in a musical and sensory way (with the whole body) is permanently memorized, which is why songs, rhymes, classical music and movement are used during learning. In the new daycare Stefcio Lewcio in the Mokotów district (Pole Mokotowskie), Native Speaker stays with children every day.

Is English in a daycare a good idea?

The best time to start learning English is when your child doesn’t speak their native language yet. This way, the toddler learns two languages at the same time – exactly the same way as bilingual children. English taught with the Musical Babies method is best applied to the youngest children, even those who have not yet started to speak. Therefore, the ability to speak is not a key element in this case. Children, on the other hand, learn to be sensitive to the sounds, intonation and melody of the language, which is extremely important in the subsequent forming of sentences and pronouncing words with the correct accent.

Learning English through music – why is it worth it?

Did you know that infants have absolute pitch? Toddlers are able to hear an amazingly rich range of sound tones, and this innate ability is useful when learning their mother tongue. It is also worth using it to learn English. The process of assimilating a foreign language which starts early brings a lot of advantages: it eliminates the language barrier, facilitates the natural formation of sentences and allows children to talk without a Polish accent. Our unique daycares are places where your Little One will start learning English in a friendly, relaxing and completely stress-free way.