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Stefcio Lewcio Daycare Mokotów

Stefcio Lewcio Mokotów is located in a spacious house with a garden at ul. Podbipięty 62A in Warsaw. Stefcio Lewcio Mokotów invites you to a day care center for children aged 5 months – 3 years old, which was created out of passion for pedagogy, motherhood and closeness parenting.


What we offer

In our cosy house:

  • We serve delicious healthy cuisine – only high-quality dairy products, fish, meat, multigrain flours, grains and seasonal products!
  • We organize didactic classes: music, art, Montessori education, culinary and sports.
  • Guided by the approach of M. Montessori and J. Juul, we offer children activities that allow them to develop at their own pace.

We entrust the care of your baby only to qualified carers who love what they do!

In the Stefcio Lewcio Daycares the fun does not stop

Price list

The tuition includes care in the hours according to the chosen variant, along with all activities and attractions. We also accept children with individual nutritional needs.

All-day package 2190 zł (1790zł with daycare allowance) 

Package until 12:00 1750 zł

Meal plan 20 zł or 22 zł (diets) per day (all-day package)

Meal plan 13 zł or 15 zł (diets) per day (package until 12:00)

Signup fee 1500 zł

The tuition fee includes:

  • Professional care from 7.30 to 17.30 from Monday to Friday all year round
  • All activities offered in the daycare
  • Birthday organization and birthday cake made of fruit
  • Observation of nurses, physiotherapists, speech therapists, dental hygienists, etc.
  • Organization of all events: theatres, balls, picnics
  • Materials: sensory, educational, art

Taking care of the Lion Cubs – how does the private daycare with Montessori elements Stefcio Lewcio in Warsaw work?

A day filled with various activities and games, full of warmth, understanding and closeness, spent in a safe, perfectly organized place and surrounded by green areas. Choose the private daycare Stefcio Lewcio in Mokotów in Warsaw to guarantee development for Your Child in accordance with the elements of Maria Montessori and Jesper Juul’s pedagogy principles. How does it work?

Stefcio Lewcio Mokotów Daycare was created to stimulate all the senses, imagination and creativity of Lion Cubs. Individual classes are conducted in accordance with the interests and pace of your child’s development. By choosing a daycare with Montessori elements, you can be sure that your child will grow up with a sense of respect for others, strengthen their self-esteem, discover talents and gain knowledge through experiences. Check how we support children in learning independence!

We support children in learning independence – a private daycare in Warsaw Mokotów

Stefcio Lewcio – a private daycare in Mokotów with Montessori elements – is a place where your child has a chance for comprehensive development at their own pace, under the supportive guidance of a loving Auntie. We focus on small groups, we teach independence and responsibility, we let you discover the joy of working in a group and finding passion. Choose the non-public daycare Warsaw – Stefcio Lewcio to be sure that your child will feel at home among other Lion Cubs.

What do you pay attention to when choosing a daycare? Warsaw offers a range of daycares in various locations. Availability, meals and activities are among the most important selection criteria. Stefcio Lewcio – in addition to vacancies, perfectly organized technical facilities, new equipment, experienced staff and great cuisine including diets – provides care for babies, in accordance with the elements of outstanding and world-renowned pedagogical methods. However, the daycare with Montessori elements is distinguished above all by its proximity and unconditional approach, i.e. loving support in the development of your child without the use of punishments and rewards. Growing up with a sense of acceptance and lack of competition helps building self-confidence and develops individual predispositions.

Join the Lion Team by choosing the private daycare in Mokotów – Stefcio Lewcio. Provide your baby with the best care in a cosy loving space that he can discover on his own terms, with all his senses. Drawing from our resources, your child will get to know the world and peers in accordance with the most beautiful values, including mutual respect, understanding and safety. It’s time to discover the strength of the lion in yourself with the support of the guardians of the private daycare Stefcio Lewcio in Warsaw!

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