Daycare with English – Warsaw

English is an inseparable part of our reality. It is therefore worth introducing the child to the world of English from an early age, the basics of which can be learned in a non-public daycare. A private daycare with English teaches speaking and listening skills, and learning is fully tailored to the needs of the youngest children.


What is learning English in a daycare like?

A non-public daycare with English is a place where children learn through play, while engaging all their senses. Such a program makes learning English not a chore for children, but pure pleasure.

Daycare with English language in Warsaw - musical babies method

During classes, our teachers use songs, poems, rhymes, rhymes, coloring books, playing with stuffed animals and many other educational methods. Thanks to small groups, the teacher is able to devote attention to each child and ensure that all Lion Cubs enjoy learning English.

Does English in daycare make sense?

Many parents wonder if learning English in a daycare makes any sense. Yes, of course! Starting to learn a foreign language early allows you to avoid the language barrier in the future – young children are not afraid of making mistakes, which is why they start speaking much faster than people who start learning at an older age.

Exposure to English is also a way for a child to get used to the sound of another language, and early learning of English makes children speak without a native accent. Of course, the teacher’s approach and the creation of a program tailored to the toddler’s age are extremely important – Stefcio Lewcio knows exactly what our Lion Cubs need!

However, it should be remembered that a child learns quickly, but also forgets quickly, so in order to achieve the best results, learning English should be continued in kindergarten.

Stefcio Lewcio Daycare offers English for the youngest children. We have three locations in Warsaw, and language classes are held in each of our locations: in Mokotów, Pole Mokotowskie and Gocław.

Admissions to Stefcio Lewcio Daycares are open all year round!