Montessori Daycare – Warsaw


More and more parents are choosing a Montessori-inspired daycare. Warsaw is undoubtedly the place where the largest number of such premises in Poland are located. Some of them are run under the brand of Stefcio Lewcio – private daycares with Montessori elements for children aged from 5 months to 3 years. Using the Montessori method in accordance with the needs of our Lion Cubs, we follow the natural rhythm of the development of each child, supporting the individual needs of our little Lion Cubs. Each group consist of a maximum of 18 children, and there is one guardian for every five children, thanks to which we are able to pay attention to each child.


Who was Maria Montessori?

Maria Montessori, born in 1870, was an Italian doctor and educator. Instead of using traditional teaching methods, Maria created her own method, based largely on the observation of children. Curious about how a child learns when he does not have to follow the teacher’s guidelines, Montessori created a school that focuses on the individual development of the child. In 1907, she opened the first kindergarten using the Montessori method and called it “Children’s Home” (Italian: Casa dei Bambini). In the Children’s Home the furniture was small and low so that the children could easily move them, as well as toys designed by Maria.


What is the Montessori method?

Montessori pedagogy opposes the traditional school system, which suppresses the activity of children. Its goal is to support children’s creativity and spontaneity, which leads to comprehensive development of children – in physical, cultural, social and spiritual terms.

żłobek montessori warszawa - metody

Montessori method:


  • focuses on the needs of each child,
  • shows that each child has an individual personality,
  • encourages children to discover the world on their own,
  • teaches that every person deserves respect and equal treatment,
  • allows children to develop at their own pace,
  • supports children’s independence,
  • focuses on developing independence through support, not teaching,
  • allows you to make mistakes, which are a natural part of learning,
  • develops a sense of freedom and agency in children.


Montessori pedagogy is based on specific principles that provide guidance for teachers. These include, among others, the principle of free choice (the child chooses the subject, pace and level of difficulty), the principle of free choice of the workplace (the child works where they want), the principle of order (every object in the room has its place), the principle of own action and repetition (the child works at their own pace and, if necessary, can repeat a given activity) or the principle of self-control (the child independently assesses the effects of their work).


Montessori daycare – why is it worth it?

Traditional education focuses on awarding the teacher an infallible authority. In the Montessori method, the teacher plays the role of an advisor who supports the child in making decisions, but does not show the way.

The daycare with Montessori elements follows the child’s development, and every toddler up to 6 months of age is a born explorer. An institution that uses the Montessori method or its elements takes care of the appropriate organization of space and the selection of games and toys that engage all the senses and enable independent discovery of the world in safe conditions. 


Montessori Daycare Warsaw Mokotów - Lion Cub while playing

Stefcio Lewcio is more than just a daycare – it is a place where our Lion Cubs gain knowledge about themselves and the world around them, developing such features as self-awareness, independence, curiosity and respect for man and nature every day. In the whole process, close cooperation with parents, who can also use the Montessori method at home, is extremely important.

Admissions to Stefcio Lewcio Daycares are open all year round!