Proximity Daycare – Warsaw Mokotów and Gocław

Do you want to enrol your child in a non-public daycare in Warsaw? Choose a proximity daycare where your child will feel at home. Stefcio Lewcio private nurseries in Mokotów and Gocław are places that focus on the individual development of each child. With us, your child will find peace, safety and lots of fun – and at the same time they will receive as much attention as they need.


What is a proximity daycare?

The idea of proximity nurseries is similar to the pedagogy of Maria Montessori. In such nurseries, the child’s needs, individual development and sense of security are always put on the first place. It is also important to have a close relationship with parents and devote a lot of attention to each child.

Our proximity daycare (Mokotów and Gocław) makes sure that every Lion Cub feels loved and safe with us. Due to the fact that we arrange small and intimate groups, and one guardian for no more than five children, we are able to respond to the needs of nurseries on an ongoing basis.


Proximity private daycare in WarsawProximity daycare Stefcio Lewcio – why is it worth it?

Check what you can provide your child by choosing a proximity daycare (Gocław or Mokotów):


  • Individual approach – there are a maximum of five children per guardian, which is why the proximity daycare is a place where each child can feel noticed and appreciated,
  • Helping parents – Stefcio Lewcio remains in close relationship with parents, supporting the care of children and helping in raising children,
  • Adaptation – proximity nurseries attach great importance to the adaptation process so that parting with a parent is gentle and as painless as possible,
  • Hugs on demand – at Stefcio Lewcio we not only teach and play, but also hug a lot,
  • Independence – we give children a safe space where they can develop and learn about the world,
  • No system of rewards and punishments – instead of rewarding and punishing children’s behaviour, we choose a constructive conversation with the toddler.

proximity daycare in Mokotów

Admissions to Stefcio Lewcio Daycares are open all year round!