Sensory Daycare – Warsaw Gocław and Mokotów

From the point of view of an adult, a daycare is a place where children are given loving care. From the child’s point of view, it is primarily a space filled with everyday activities and games. The main goal pursued by our daycare is multisensoric stimulation (including sensory arts), i.e. stimulating all of the child’s senses. Such classes are held in all Stefcio Lewcio locations, regardless of whether you choose Mokotów, Pole Mokotowskie or Gocław.



What is a sensory daycare?

A private sensory daycare is a place where a child develops all their senses. Sensory games allow the toddler to explore the world through the senses and derive a lot of joy from it. Our sensory daycares (the ones located in Mokotów, Pole Mokotowskie and the facility in Gocław) are places where a child learns about their senses from an early age and participates in engaging games.

Multi-sensory activities stimulate all seven senses of the child: touching, seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, deep feeling and balancing. We support the process of sensory integration, focusing on learning how to correctly recognize stimuli received from all senses. During the classes, the child’s spatial imagination develops along with logical thinking. Thanks to our sensory games, we practice the toddler’s fine and gross motor skills, and by stimulating deep feeling, we create an opportunity to calm down from the excess of stimuli.


Private daycare Warsaw - Mokotów offers sensory art classes Why is it worth choosing a private sensory daycare?

Check what you can provide your child by choosing a sensory daycare (Gocław, Mokotów or Pole Mokotowskie):


  • Development of all seven senses – sensory games have a beneficial effect on the comprehensive development of the child and the processes of learning and remembering.
  • Conscious learning – the child learns how to consciously use their senses and how to calm down excess stimuli.
  • Engaging activities – sensory games have a relaxing effect, and at the same time stimulate children’s creativity and curiosity about the world and satisfy the need for movement.
  • Speech development – sensory activities naturally accelerate speech development and support communication.
  • Following the needs of the child – we conduct classes in small groups, so each child can develop at their own pace and taking into account individual needs.

Sensory Art classes at Stefcio Lewcio Daycares (Mokotów, Gocław and Pole Mokotowskie)

By choosing a daycare whose program includes sensory play (e.g. sensory art), you support the comprehensive development of your toddler and provide them with great fun every day.

Admissions to Stefcio Lewcio Daycares are open all year round!