Daycare admissions – Warsaw, Gocław, Mokotów and Pole Mokotowskie

Dear Parents, are you looking for a private daycare for your child? Admissions to Stefcio Lewcio nurseries are open all year round. Podbipięty 62a Street (Mokotów), Biały Kamień 7 (Pole Mokotowskie) and 21 Pułku Piechoty Warszawy Street 11 (Gocław) are the locations of our daycares. The admissions procedure in both places is the same, so just choose the most convenient daycare for you and make an appointment.

Admission rules to Stefcio Lewcio private daycares

Admissions to Stefcio Lewcio Daycares are open all year round – we welcome children aged from 5 months to 3 years. You can enrol your child any month. If there is a vacancy in our daycare, the child will be able to start attending the facility immediately.


During the meeting in one of our daycares, we will answer all your questions, and after making the decision to enrol the child, we will ask you to complete and submit an information card about the child, which includes the data of the toddler and parents / guardians, description of the child’s health and general information about the child.


In order for us to accept your child into the group of Lion Cubs, we need you to accept our regulations and sign the contract (this applies to both the full-day package and the half-day package). The contract for the provision of care, upbringing and educational services is concluded for an indefinite period. The agreement specifies fees (tuition fee, registration fee, board fee), obligations of the daycare and parent, terms of termination of the agreement and other necessary information.


What are the steps to apply?

Admission to the Stefcio Lewcio private daycare is much less complicated than the recruitment process in public institutions. Due to the fact that the recruitment process runs smoothly, it is less stressful for the parent and the child. It is enough to declare that the child would attend a private facility, submit the relevant documents and pay the signup fee, which covers the cost of the child’s materials and equipment necessary for the entire stay in the daycare for all years.


During the admission process, we pay attention to the order of applications, so it’s worth booking the slot for Your Child as soon as you are ready to send them to the Lion adventure. We always guarantee reservation after making the signup fee. If you have additional questions about the rules and recruitment? Please contact us – we will gladly address all inquiries!

Recruitment Daycare Warsaw - book your child a place among the Lion Cubs today!

Why is it worth sending your child to a private daycare?

Stefcio Lewcio nurseries are places where a child has the opportunity to grow up, learn and play in accordance with the individual rhythm of development – in a safe space. We provide the highest standard of rooms, a large playground, modern equipment and very experienced staff of loving carers.

  • Our private daycare (Mokotów and Gocław) is open from Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 17:30 throughout the year – except for Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve and Holy Friday.
  • We have small intimate groups, and one babysitter takes care of up to five children.
  • We eat meals at constant times and drink only water.
  • Every day we spend time outside, regardless of the weather (according to the Scandinavian principle: “There is no bad weather, there are only bad clothes”).
  • We run nurseries and day care points based on the principles of the pedagogy of Maria Montessori and Jesper Juul.
  • We create didactic programs and scenarios of smart games with children aged 0-3.
  • Our classes include art, culinary workshops, speech therapy exercises, multisensory, gardening, corrective gymnastics, rhythm and musicality as well as English.

Recruitment to the daycare Stefcio Lewcio - why is it worth considering?

In Stefcio Lewcio there is no place for boredom – our private daycare (Warsaw) prepares an original didactic plan every month, over which professional consultants watch over. Thanks to this, each week has a separate topic, and each month is full of adventures. The lion cubs participate in culinary and multisensory workshops, and artists, musicians and teachers of English come to our private daycare.

Recruitment and adaptation in the daycare

Private daycares Stefcio Lewcio, with three locations around Warsaw, attach great importance to ensuring that all Lion Cubs feel loved and safe with us. The proximity principle is extremely important to us, which allows the toddler to accept parting with his parents.


Adaptation in Stefcio Lewcio starts every Wednesday before the beginning of the month in which we start a daycare adventure. We then meet with one parent and child – within 60 minutes we play with the new Lion Cub, while the parent gives the carers information about the child (for this purpose it is worth completing the information card in advance).


The following day, on Thursday, we also meet for 60 minutes, but after 30 minutes we ask the parent to leave the room so that the Aunties can spend time alone with the Lion Cub. On Friday, we invite to a daycare for 2 hours of fun together, and from Monday we can start all-day meetings in Stefcio Lewcio. In order for the adaptation to be gentle and smooth, we encourage parents to take the toddler home early in the initial period of the daycare stay.