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Private or public daycare – which one to choose?

There are many differences between public and private daycares, the most important of which relate to fees, vacancies and the methods used. Before you enrol your child in a daycare, check the pros and cons of each facility.

What is the difference between a private daycare and a public daycare?

A public daycare is usually run by the municipality. The real nightmare of parents is the frequent lack of places – so there is no guarantee that the child will be admitted to the daycare when the parent plans to return to work. Due to the great interest and the small number of places in public daycares, large groups are created, which not only promotes frequent illnesses, but above all shortens the time that the educator is able to devote to one child.

On the other hand, a non-public daycare can be run by a foundation, association or private company, and a tuition fee is charged for each attending child. Admission to a private daycare is not difficult, and the parent can independently decide which facility best suits their expectations – in this case, there is no regionalization. The private daycare uses modern teaching methods and has creatively arranged teaching rooms. Many institutions, including our daycares in Warsaw, also offer additional classes (e.g. English) in small groups. There is a maximum of five enrolled children per babysitter.

Does a non-public daycare have any disadvantages?

A private daycare is more expensive than a public one, especially in a city like Warsaw. Tuition fees are therefore considered to be the biggest disadvantage of this type of institutions. However, a non-public daycare can be compared to a private doctor – you can enrol your child without queues and be sure that they will be provided with the best professional care. The tuition fee also includes classes that are not offered by public nurseries, and the child can develop their skills in a small intimate group.

Is a private daycare better than a public one?

In our opinion, yes, but the decision is left to the parents. If what you are looking for is loving care and safe space to grow Your Child’s independence and curiosity, be sure to consider our nurseries. Mokotów, Pole Mokotowskie and Gocław are the locations of non-public nurseries Stefcio Lewcio – with us, the little person comes always first.